William L. Gilbert & Company of Winchester, Connecticut

This very unusual oak cased wall clock made by the William L. Gilbert & Company of Winchester, Connecticut. This example is cataloged as the "Regulator No. 65" and was originally offered in oak or cherry (mahogany finish). The overall condition of this example is excellent.

The case is an interesting form. The carvings and the moldings are clean and crisp. Their design is unique to this model. The finish appears to be original and is neat. The dial is paper and is applied to a tin pan. It measures 10 inch in diameter and is original to the clock. The Maker's signature is signed in script below the center arbor. Also note that the seconds are displayed on this dial. The weight driven movement is brass and is designed to run for eight days on a full wind. It features a dead beat escapement and retaining power. The weight is nickeled plated and is original to the clock. It falls behind the pendulum. The pendulum rod is made of wood and the pendulum bob is brass. The motion of which is easily viewed through the glass.

This clock measures 50.25 inches long and is 18 inches wide. This clock was made circa 1910.


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