Atkins Clock Company of Bristol, Connecticut. Wall clock. Regulator number 2.

The Regulator No. 2.

This is an impressive and very colorful wall clock. It is considered by many Atkins collectors to be a very desirable model and today, it is a difficult model to find.

This large wall clock features a rosewood veneered case. The grain of rosewood features dark streaks that run through a rich brown background. It is lively and is nicely developed. The large solid wooden bezel is painted black and is fitted with glass. This glass protects the painted zinc dial. The dial measure 18 inches in diameter. The time ring is formatted with large Roman style hour numerals. Because of the large size of the dial, the minute hand has to be counter balanced. The lower door is fitted with it’s original hand done gold leaf and paint decorated tablet. This example is in excellent original condition. The title “REGULATOR” is boldly displayed. A clear opening in the design of the decoration is left open in order to view the motion of the lead pendulum bob which is covered in brass. This example retains it’s original pasted label. This is located on the weight board. This label is in good condition and reads, “Atkins Clock Mf’g Co., Bristol, Conn.” The movement is brass construction having large brass rectangular plates and roller pinions. It is powered by two cast iron weights. These weights are original to this clock and are custom fitted to the weight channels. It is designed to run 30 days on a full wind. Both weights power the same time train by powering the same wheel. This movement is good quality.

This clock measure approximately 42 inches in length, 22 inches wide and 5 inches deep. This clock was made circa 1870.

This firm was established in 1859 to succeed the Atkins Clock Manufacturing Company which went bankrupt in June of 1858. In 1859, 12 employees made approximately 4000 clocks.

inventory number 213028

About Atkins Clock Company of Bristol and later Forestville, Connecticut.

Merritt W. Atkins was born in 1804 and died in 1873 at the age of 69. He worked in both Bristol and later Forestville, Connecticut. He was a manufacturer of brass movement clocks and was involved in several firms.


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