Little & Eastman of Boston, Massachusetts.

The example pictured here, is quite decorative and is in wonderful original condition. The case is considered standard size measuring 33.75 inches long to the top of the center finial. The wood used in the construction of the case has been painted black. This treatment appears to be original. The sidearms, bezel and eagle finial are brass and are heavily cast. The detail incorporated in the final is very good. This final is mounted on a simply formed wooden plinth. The bezel is fitted with glass and opens to a painted dial. This dial is original to the clock. It bears the signature of the retailer, “Bigelow, Kennard & Co., Boston.” This is done in block lettering and can be easily seen. The hands on this clock are original to it. The form is unusual as compared to the more standard an simpler formats found on clocks made by competitors. The brass movement is weight driven and is designed to run for eight days on a full wind. It is mounted to the case on top of two brass straps that are mounted to the backboard. The front plate is die stamped by the Maker It is also numbered, “210 B.” The door latches are of the push button variety and the weight is lead. The reverse painted tablets are original to this clock. They feature Patriotic scenes and are done in very good colors. The lower tablet features a view of the Boston Massacre as depicted by the American Patriot Paul Revere. “The Bloody Massacre in King-Street,”  was probably the most effective piece of war propaganda in American history. It is interesting to note that the British troops are lined up and a British officer is giving the order to fire. This implies the British were the Aggressors. The British are depicting with straighter lines and sharp angles. They stand in an aggressive stance. The Colonists are depicted in a softer format and appear in gentlemen’s clothing. The faithful dog is on the side of the colonists. The throat tablet is also decorated with a patriotic motif. The banner reads, “ ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem. ‘ This is the official motto of the U.S. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This phrase is often loosely translated into English as “by the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”. Just above this is the symbol for the Massachusetts State Seal. Above this is the American Eagle with the American shield while clutching arrows. Both tablets depicted over a mustard background.

This is a very attractive and Patriotic American clock. It was made circa 1907.

About Little & Eastman of Boston, Massachusetts

Joseph Eastman of the Chelsea Clock Company fame and Henry C. Little provided the clockmaking know how to this short lived firm (1906-1907). As a result, we have seen very few of their clocks in the marketplace. Those that have been seen are usually very similar to the form of a Chelsea no., 1 or the Seth Thomas No., 2 variety. Interestingly, a gilt lyre wall clock has been recorded as being found. A surviving catalog for this firm is not recorded. This short lived venture was set up like the Vermont Clock Company’s operation. The clocks produced were in general very good quality.


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