Timothy Chandler's first clock. This tall clock is signed No. 1. and dated 1785.

This is a historically significant maple and tiger maple case tall clock made by Timothy Chandler of Concord, New Hampshire.

The dial is skillfully engraved. It is signed by the Maker and features the unusual combination of being dated “1785” and numbered “No.1.” THIS IS HIS FIRST CLOCK. A clock he made when he was 23.

This case distinctive case form is traditionally found in the Concord, New Hampshire region. It has solid country proportions and construction. The woods used are maple and tiger maple with white pine secondaries which are common to this region of New Hampshire. This example stands on a wonderfully formed applied bracket base which features a carved pinwheel in the center. The waist door is tombstone shaped. The bonnet is constructed in the traditional boldly formed swans neck pediment with carved rosettes. These pinwheel / rosettes mirror the drop in the base. The bonnet columns are turned and the door is arched in form and glazed. This example retains an older surface which may be original to the clock. The movement is brass, eight-day duration and of good quality. The dial is brass and is skillfully engraved. It retains it’s original silver wash which has the expected patina. The engraved design is somewhat unusual having winged griffins in the arch that are positioned one either side of the signed name boss. Below it is the date on manufacture 1785 and the number, No. 1. The spandrels areas feature florals and shell designs.

About Timothy Chandler of Concord, New Hampshire.

Major Timothy Chandler was born on April 25, 1762 and died on August 9, 1848. He was apprenticed to a local maker on hand cards for carding wool. He moved for a short time to Connecticut and moved back to Concord in 1785. It is not known who he learned clockmaking from. A possibility would include Peregrine White of Woodstock, Connecticut or Jonathan Hale of Pomfret, Connecticut. In Concord, he became a prolific clockmaker until his retirement in 1829. In 1797, he enlisted with the minute Men and received the commission of Major in 1799. Chandler had many interests, some of which included card making, goldsmithing, silversmithing, he served as a fireward and many other civic positions.

We have owned numerous tall case clocks, wall timepieces and New Hampshire mirror clocks by this important New Hampshire clockmaker.


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