E. Howard & Co., of Boston, MA. Model No. 75. (Special). Wall clock. -SOLD-

This large timepiece is called the Model Number 75. It was made by the E. Howard & Company of Boston, Massachusetts. This model is not easily found in today’s marketplace.

The Number 75 size has a number of Victorian details. The case is constructed in oakand reatins an older finish that has been waxed. It compliments the wood nicely. The case is decorated with a variety of carvings. Floral patterns are featured in a number of locations. The movement is made of brass and is excellent quality. It is weight driven and fitted with a Geneva stop. The escapement is a recoil and the pendulum is full length. The original silver painted wooden rod supports a nickle plated brass bob taht retains its’ original decoration. Not surprisingly, it is an accurate time keeper. The movement is die stamped on the front plate, “E. Howard & Company, Boston.” It is also diestamped with the number “59.” The zinc dial is painted and measures 14 inches in diameter. It is signed in block lettering by the Maker in this location. The original weight is cast in iron.

This clock was made circa 1885 and is an excellent example. It measures approximately 60 inches long.


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