Samuel Abbott of Dover, New Hampshire, Boston, Massachusetts and Montpelier, Vermont.

Samuel Abbott was born in Dover, New Hampshire in 1791. He was the son of Stephen Abbott and Mary (Gile) Abbott. On August 10, 1813, Samuel married Jane Day of Concord, New Hampshire in the small village of Boscowen, New Hampshire. Soon after, the newlyweds move to Dover and Samuel opened a jewelry shop. It is in this small southeastern New Hampshire town that Samuel began his career as a clockmaker, watchmaker, silversmith, and jeweler. Samuel and Mary had two sons. Their son John Sullivan Abbot worked in Montpelier, Vermont in similar trades. In 1827, Samuel moved from Dover to Boston, Massachusetts. He is listed in the Boston Directories as a clockmaker in 1827 through 1831. After leaving Boston, Samuel moved North to Montpelier, Vermont. He first advertises himself as clock and watchmaker in January 1830 In 1831-32 he formed a partnership with a Mr. Freeman as Abbott & Freeman. Abbott was again listed as watchmaker and jeweler at Montpelier in 1849 and in 1860 in the New England Business Directories. He lived there until his death on May 4, 1861 at the age 70. Examples of tall clocks, shelf clocks, New Hampshire mirror clocks, lyre wall clocks, and patent timepieces have been found. He is noted for his distinctive three-pillar, “grand piano” shaped timepiece movements. Many of these clocks are found with a teardrop shaped pendulum keystone.

Samuel Abbott of Dover, New Hampshire. Tall clock featuring an inlaid cherry case.

This inlaid cherry case tall clock was made by the Clockmaker Samuel Abbott. Samuel Abbott was born in Dover, New Hampshire… read more