John Osgood of Andover, MA and Haverhill, NH.

It is reported John Osgood was born in Andover, Massachusetts on June 20, 1770. He moved to Bradford, MA where he served his clockmakers apprenticeship to his uncle Michael Carlton of that town. Osgood returned to Andover sometime in early 1790. Here he married a Sarah Porter of Haverhill who came from Boxford (MA). They had a total of 6 children. In 1795, John Moved his family to Haverhill, New Hampshire where he continued to make many clocks and performed silversmithing and did watch and jewelry repair. Carlton had established a cabinet shop across the river in Vermont. Osgood’s shop was located 200 feet to the North of his own home on Main street. It was a one story building with a divided front door. He was successful. Over the years, he employed several apprentices. He often bartered for services. His account books record that he squared with wheat, corn, oats and salt pork. John Osgood was remembered by a grandson as a friendly, warm person. He was clean shaven, smallish in stature and inclined to stoop while walking with a limp. (One knee suffered from a white swelling as a child. The joint was useless.) He was a devout man, “bald from age.” John Osgood died in his own home on July 29, 1840 reportably of consumption. At his death he owned his house, shop and a good farm east of the village where his brother in law Billy Porter lived.

John Osgood clocks are often numbered. It appears that he engraved a production number on one of the movement plates. More commonly it can be found on the back plate. To date, we have seen at least 25 examples and counting. The lowest number is 13. The highest number recorded by us is No., 373.