Alanson Gooding of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Alanson Gooding was born in Dighton, Massachusetts on March 4th, 1789. He died in New Bedford, Massachusetts on November 18, 1877. Their were four brothers in the Gooding family that are listed as clockmakers. All were born to Joseph Gooding and Rebecca Macomber. The the four clockmaking brothers are Joseph born in 1773, Josiah born in 1777, John born in 1780 and Alanson. It is thought that Alanson trained under his older brother Joseph as a clockmaker. Joseph is reported to have trained with the Bailey’s of Hanover, MA. Alanson is listed as a clockmaker, watchmaker and merchant in New Bedford, for the period 1810-1840. Signed tall case clocks are also known.

For a more complete reference, please read Paul Foley’s outstanding book, “Willard’s Patent Time Pieces.”

Alanson Gooding of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Shelf clock.

This is a very nice example of a mahogany cased kidney dial shelf clock. The case sits up on applied French… read more