Ephraim Downs in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Ephraim Downs was born in Wilbraham, Massachusetts Dec. 20, 1787. He was the son of David and Mary Chatterton Downs. He married Chloe Painter in 1822 and became the brother in law of Silas Hoadley and Butler Dunbar. Both of whom where in the clock business. Ephraim spent the period of 1825 through 1845 in Bristol with George Mitchell. Here they made tall clock movements, Pillar & Scroll cases and many wood movement shelf clocks. In 1842 he retired due to poor health and died in 1860. Throughout his Clockmaker career, Ephriam worked with or for a number of other Connecticut Clockmakers such as Eli Terry, Luman Watson, Seth Thomas, George Mitchell, Elisa Ingraham and George Atkins.

Ephraim Downs of Bristol, Connecticut. Stenciled Column Stenciled Splat. Large version.

This is a very good example. The form is called a stenciled column and splat shelf clock. It represents the transition… read more

Ephraim Downs of Bristol, CT circa 1830

This is a very nice example of a half stenciled column and splat mantel clock. It represents a transition in case… read more