John Sawin of Boston, Massachusetts.

John Sawin was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts on September 13th, 1799. It is thought that he was trained as a clockmaker by his uncle Aaron Willard. John was also related to Lemuel Curtis who was a cousin. Throughout his career, John had a number of working relationships. It appears the he worked with Simon Willard in 1819-1820 He is then listed as a journeyman working with Aaron Willard Jr. By 1822, Sawin had formed a partnership with George W. Dyar as Sawin & Dyar. This lasted until 1827. John continued to make clocks on his own and continued to employe many apprentices and journeyman. The number of signed Sawin clocks that survive is today’s marketplace suggests that he was very successful. He advertised that in he made Tower clocks and wall regulators. Wall timepieces, gallery clocks and Massachusetts Shelf clocks have been found. John Sawin is probably best known for creating the lyre form wall timepiece.

John Sawin Boston, Massachusetts. A True Lyre Wall Timepiece. Elegant Harp Pattern.

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John Sawin full striking wall clock. Boston, Massachusetts.

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John Sawin of Boston, Massachusetts. Wall timepiece or banjo clock.

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