James Cary of Brunswick, Maine.

James Cary, Junior was born in Brunswick, Maine on July 22, 1790. His parents moved to that town from Boston shortly after the American Revolutionary War. Together, they lived in a house that was located on the corner of Main and Mason Streets. James is listed in the records as serving an apprenticeship under Robert Eastman. It is recorded that a Robert Eastman established a clock business in Brunswick in 1805. In 1806, the two formed a partnership which lasted approximately three years. James bought out his partner and by 1810 was making clocks under his own name. James Cary’s business prospered. We have owned a number of examples of clocks made by him Examples include tall case, banjo, shelf clocks, and mirror clocks. His clocks are highly prized today. Particularly by those customers with ties to the great state of Maine.