Jonah Edson of Bridgewater and Dighton, Massachusetts and Bristol, Rhode Island.

Jonah Edson was born in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts on March 18, 1792 and died in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts on December 7, 1874. He is thought to have been trained as a clockmaker by John Bailey II in Hanover, MA. Edson is recorded as working in both in Bridgewater and Dighton, Massachusetts and also Bristol, Rhode Island. He was at work about 1813. He served with the Bridgewater Light Infantry during the War of 1812 and was stationed in South Boston in 1814. It is now believed that he made approximately twenty five clocks.

It appears that many of his tall clock movements are constructed in a distinctive style. The plates that frame the movement are usually Skeletonized. This is the process of removing the xtra brass in an attempt to conserve brass. His pattern is somewhat distinctive and varies considerably from the Bailey versions being manufactured in Hanover. His movement often incorporate two other additional features that are somewhat unusual. This includes the uses of a count wheel striking system as compared to the now more commonly used rack and snail set up and also wooden winding drums.