Levi & Abel Hutchins of Concord, New Hampshire.

Levi Hutchins was born in Harvard, Massachusetts on August 17, 1761. His brother Abel was born two years later in March. Both men lived into their nineties. Gordon Hutchins, their father, served in the Revolutionary War as a captain. He organized a Company from the Concord area that fought at Bunker Hill.  Levi was enlisted as the fifer.  His father fearing for Levi’s safety, forced him to stay on high ground in Medford.  Levi witnessed the burning of Charlestown wanted to see action himself, so he enlisted in Captain Lewis, Company and was taken into the mess. After the war, he was placed in school and later became a school teacher. On December 6th, 1777, the brothers both entered into an apprenticeship with Simon Willard of Grafton, Massachusetts. At this time Levi was sixteen and Abel was fourteen years old. They returned to Concord New Hampshire some time before 1784. Levi and Able Hutchins were in business together making clocks for some Twenty one years (1786-1807).

Levi & Abel Hutchins of Concord, New Hampshire

This is a very good example of a cherry case tall clock made by New Hampshire’s premier clockmakers, Levi and Able… read more