S. C. Spring Large Column Shelf Clock

Solomon Crosby Spring was born in 1826 and died in 1906. He worked for S. B. Terry in Terryville and later moved to Bristol. By 1858 he was in business for himself as S. C. Spring. This company was the successor to the Birge, Peck, & Company. Solomon retired form clock making in 1895.

This large cased shelf clock is in very good condition. The case is veneered in rosewood and currently retains an old dark surface. If the buyer wishes the wood work to be refinish, we will be happy to accommodate this request. We have chosen to leave it this condition for the time being. The half columns, which are applied to the front of the case, are smoke decorated and end in gilt capitals. This decoration is in excellent condition. These columns visual support the large cornice moldings. The center of this case features a large door. The lower section is fitted with a very colorful painted tablet. This tablet is original to this clock and has been professionally restored. The vast majority of the decorative scene is original to the design. The upper section of the door is fitted with clear glass. Through this, one can view the painted dial. The dial is painted on tin. The spandrels areas are decorated with simple florals. The clockmaker’s label is pasted on the inside of the case on the backboard. The brass movement is weight driven and is designed to run eight days on a full wind. This clock will also strike each hour on a wire gong mounted inside the case. This clock stands approximately 32.5 tall, 17.75 inches wide and 6.25 inches deep. This clock was made circa 1860.

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