Wood – Scarborough, England. A nicely proportioned tall case clock. Dum Dormiunt Vigilo translates to mean: I keep watch while they sleep.

This attractive long case clock features an engraved brass dial that is signed by the Maker “Wood / Scarborough (Yorkshire), England.” There are currently three Scarborough clockmakers is listed in Brain Loomes reference book, “Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World.” He lists an F. Scarborough at work in 1760. Two Josephs are also listed as working there in the 1760-1790 time frame. These may be the same person? It is also logical to assume that the Joseph listed is related to the F. Scarborough listed. The town of Scarborough is located on England’s North Sea coast.

This very nicely proportioned mahogany case features excellent wood selections. These are highlighted in the front panels of the case. An applied bracket base features and unusual drop apron in the center. A double stepped molding transitions the form from the floor to the base section. Here a decorative panel of crotch veneer is applied to the base. This is trimmed with an applied molding. Please note the hollow corners in the panel’s design. The waist is long and narrow. This section if fitted with a tomb-stone shaped waist door. This door is veneered with a crotch pattern of mahogany. The grain pattern is outstanding. The door is also trimmed with an applied molding around its perimeter. Through the waist door, one can access the two weights and pendulum. The frame of the waist exhibits nicely grained mahogany. The bonnet or hood is an arched form. The arch is fitted with Brass frets. These are skillfully pierced and quite decorative. They are supported by three fluted finial plinths. Each supports a ball finial of brass. Fully turned and brass stop fluted bonnet columns terminate in brass capitals. These are positioned on either side of the door. Turned quarter columns are located at the back of the hood. These are also mounted in brass capitals. The side panels of the hood feature large rectangular side windows that are fitted with glass. This arched bonnet door is fitted with glass. It opens to access the clock’s dial

This single sheet brass dial has been skillfully engraved and as is the traditional, treated with a silvered wash. The hours are marked with large Roman numerals. The quarter hours are marked on the outside of this hour ring in large Arabic numerals. A subsidiary seconds dial and a calendar date dial are located with in the time track. The decorative engraving work can be found throughout the entire dial. Clearly this was an exhibition of the engravers skill. The Maker’s name and working location are engraved in the central region of the dial above the calendar aperture. It reads in script lettering, “Wood / Scarborough.” In the arch, one will find the Latin inscription, “Dum / Dormiunt / Vigilo.” This translate to mean, “I keep watch while they sleep.”

The weight driven movement is constructed in brass and is designed to run eight-days on a full wind. It will strike each hour on a bell which is mounted above the movement. Overall, it is good quality.

This clock stands approximately 7 feet 7.5 or 91 inches tall to the top of the center finial. It is 18.5 inches wide and 10 inches deep. It was made circa 1780. It is inventory number 218078.


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