Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic / American Patent Medicine Miniature Grandfather / Tall Case Style Advertising Clock. Yale Clock Company, New Haven, Connecticut.

This interesting little advertising clock is in the form of a tall clock is considered by many to be a difficult model to find. This example is in excellent original condition. The case measures approximately 25 inches tall, 10.25 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The wood retains its original black paint. Eastlake designs decorate some of the front facing surfaces. These are very decorative. The clock’s purpose is to advertise “ Reed’s Gilt Edge Tonic.” This product “cures malaria and indigestion.” The panels are original to this clock and are in excellent condition. The dial is paperboard. This is also original to this example. The movement is constructed in brass. It is key wound, powered by a spring and designed to run 8-days on a wind.

Reed’s Tonic sold actively in the 1870’s through 1880’s. The bottles the product was sold in are also collectible.


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