Norris North of Torrington, Connecticut. Transitional shelf clock.

This 30-hour wooden works transitional shelf clock made by Norris North of Torrington, Connecticut. It is a very colorful example that remains in very good original condition. This fine example was made circa 1830.

The case is mahogany and retains an older finish. The decorative wooden elements are original to this example. Much of the original stenciled design is still present. This decorative element was applied to the black half columns that flank the door on the front of the case. This door is fitted with clear glass in the upper section in order to protect and view the dial. The lower section is fitted with a painted tablet. This tablet is original to this clock an is in very good original condition. Although the scene is somewhat of a common theme, the colors are not. The blue border really sets this example apart from many other similar clocks. I quite like it. The wooden dial is outstanding. The four spandrel ares are decorated with gesso designs that are painted in gilt. The ovals they center are paint decorated with a combination of reds and yellows. The hour ring features Arabic style hour numerals. A colorful floral wreath is positioned in the center of the dial. Please note the unusual position of the winding arbors.

The movement was made by Norris North and is categorized as an “East / West” movement. It is constructed from wood, having wooden gearing and is designed to run 30-hours on a wind. It will also strike each hour on the hour on a cast iron bell. The striking system is a count-wheel design.

This fine clock measures approximately 24 inches tall, 13.25 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep.


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