Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar No. 6. mantel clock.  -SOLD-

This is a excellent example of a Parlor Calendar No. 6. made circa 1885. This clock is in a decorative walnut case. The selected walnut is good quality, this model was also originally offered in oak. Bold moldings and fine detail work make this an attractive mantel clock. The finial mounted on the fluted plinth is a very nice detail. The front panel of the clock forms a single door. Both dials are original to this clock and framed in nickel bezels and positioned behind glass. They are painted on tin and measures 8 inches across. The upper dial indicates the time. The lower Calendar dial displays the day of the week, day of the month and calendar day. This calendar mechanism is perpetual. Both the day and month roles are original to the clock. They have darkened over the years but still are in good original condition. The eight day spring wound movement, strikes the hour on a “Cup Bell.” The movement construction is brass having steel pinions. The front plate bears the Clockmaker’s die-stamp. This clock stands 27 inches tall.

On the back of this case, one will find an unusual label. It is the label of the retailer. The particular clock was sold in London, England. The name of the firm that handled it was “Camerer Cuss & Co. … Jewelers. Makers of good Clocks & Watches since 1788.” This firm was located at 54-56 New Oxford Street in London.


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