Eli Terry Junior of Plymouth, Connecticut. A stenciled decorated cased shelf or mantel clock.

This is rare stenciled column, stenciled splat and stenciled case shelf clock that was manufactured by Eli Terry Jr., of Plymouth Connecticut. It was made circa 1840.

The case is constructed in mahogany, mahogany veneer and New England white pine wood. The case case is decorated with a number of stencil decorations as well as areas of faux wood graining. These areas remain in very good original condition. The elements decorated in this manner include the half columns, splat and the door. The middle of the columns and the sides of the case are also decorated with a smoke-grained painted pattern. This combination is somewhat unusual in the folk art world of clock collecting. Typically shelf clocks of this period are stencil decorated on the columns and splat areas only. The lower section of the door is fitted with a colorful reverse-painted tablet or egloiseme panel. This depicts a traditional theme for the period. A large Greek Revival building is set in the country side. The use of trees help frame the setting. An oval aperture is left open in the center of this panel and allows one to view the motion of the pendulum bob as the clock is operating. This is nicely bordered with gilt work. The painted wooden dial features colorful floral decorations in each of the four spandrel areas. Roman numerals are use to mark the hours on the time ring. Steel hands indicate the time. This dial measures 8.75 inches across. Open the door and one will gain access to the interior of the case. It I the lower section is the Maker’s label. This is printed on paper stating, "PATENT CLOCKS. / INVENTED BY / ELI TERRY Made and Sold / at / PLYMOUTH, CONNECTICUT, / BY / ELI TERRY, Jun’r." This label remains pasted to the backboard and is in very good original condition. Behind the dial one will find the clock works. This is a wooden geared clock. The plates are oak. It is powered by two cast iron weights and designed to run thirty-hours on a full wind. It is a time and strike design. The strike being calculated by a count-wheel which is mounted on the front of the front plate. The hours are struck on a bell that is mounted below the mechanism.

This clock stands approximately 24 & 5/8 inches in height.


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