Ted E. Burleigh Jr., of Winchester, Massachusetts. A reproduction wall timepiece featuring a gilded rope case.

This is an outstanding reproduction of a wall timepiece. It was made by Ted Burleigh of Winchester, MA. This wall clock form was made famous by the Roxbury, Massachusetts clockmaker, Simon Willard.

This is an outstanding example. This case measures 42 inches long. It is constructed in mahogany and the frames and presentation bracket are finished in gold leaf. The condition of the gilding is excellent.You will also find that the case is die-stamped T.E.D. 117 throughout the clocks construction elements. The bezel, eagle finial and side arms are brass. The bezel is fitted with a convex piece of glass. The finial is a replacement. The original finial remains with the clock. It is a acorn form and is wonderfully gilded. The frames are fitted with reverse painted tablets. These exhibit a very high degree of skill. The detailing is excellent and the colors are vibrant. These were painted by Ted’s wife Fran Burleigh. The lower glass is signed on the back by the artist and dated 1988. The lower tablet depicts the naval battle between the Hornet and the Penguin. The tablet is titled at the bottom, "1815 The Hornet & Penguin." On March 23rd, 1815, the USS Hornet captured the HMS Penguin after a short battle off the coast of Tristan da Cunha. War of 1812 battles were poplar as themes for banjo clock glasses of the period. Americans celebrated their victories by including them in locations like this. These examples are prized by collectors today. The throat is painted in an intricate traditional theme. The coloring and detailing are first rate. The dial is painted on metal and features the "T. E. Burleigh, JR’ signature. It also lists "WINCHESTER, MASS" as the working location below it in block letters. The hands are a traditional form having arrow pointers. The movement is brass and die-stamped on the front plate by the manufacturing firm of "Kilbourn & Proctor Inc.," It is also numbered, "50320." This movement is weight powered and is designed to run eight days on a full wind. The weight of this clock is lead and nicely shaped. It descends down the center of the case.

This is truly a wonderful example of a beautiful clock.


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