Perpetual Calendar Clock of French manufacture. -SOLD-

This is an impressive French made mantel clock that incorporates a perpetual calendar dial in the lower section of the case and the unusual features of a sweep seconds hand on the main dial

The case is constructed in Belgian midnight black slate that has been polished smooth. The moldings are nicely formed and have survived with only minor losses. The main body is fitted with two dials. The upper dial features applied brass Roman numerals that are positioned on a cobalt blue field. The contrast of this blue time ring and the applied brass Roman hour numerals is striking. The inner dial, being brass an gilt, features an exposed Brocot escapement that is jeweled. The center arbor is fitted with three wonderfully formed brass hands that retain there original gilding. The hour and minute hands are a traditional French form. The most delicate of the three hands is a sweep seconds hand. This is a very unusual feature for a clock of this form. The inclusion suggests that it was specifically requested at the original time of order. The original retailer signed their name in the lower section of the blue field between the hour of VII and V. . It reads, ÒHamilton & Inches Edinburgh.Ó This firm has built a reputation for selling very high quality accessories. The lower dial is a calendar dial. It is porcelain and displays the lunar calendar or phases of the moon, the month, the day and the calendar date. This mechanism is and as a result, it will automatically compensate for odd numbered months and leap year. This dial is very colorful and stands out nicely against the black case. Both dials are fitted behind heavy beveled edged glass and is fitted into a polished brass bezel.

The movement is of French origin and very good quality. It was made circa 1850. It is spring powered and designed to run eight days on a wind as well as to strike each hour on the hour on a bell.

The case measures approximately 18 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

The base is fitted with a engraved silver presentation plaque. It reads:

Presented to
Angus McIntosh
By his friends in the
Angola Brewery
as a mark of their esteem 8th of December 1893.


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