Enoch J. Titcomb Clockmaker and Jeweler. Boston, MA. Box Lyre Timepiece.

A fine mahogany Box Lyre from wall clock or Timepiece made by Enoch J. Titcomb of Boston, Massachusetts. The case is constructed in mahogany, figured mahogany veneers and a pine backboard. This has been refinished 20 plus years ago in a shellac based finish. The color is excellent and is considered a light brown. This light restoration highlights the carvings which are well executed and a predominately exhibited in the throat section of the case. The clock is surmounted by a turned wooden mahogany finial which is in the form of an acorn. It is mounted on a tall slightly tapered plinth towards the bottom. The round head is fitted with a brass bezel. This is fitted with glass and is hinged to allow one access to the painted dial. The dial is painted on iron. The Maker's name can be seen signed above the numeral "VI." The time track is formatted with Roman style hour numerals inside a closed minute track. The steel hands are a popular form for a number of Boston area clockmaker working during this later period. The harp shaped throat frame is a half round design which is richly embellished with carvings in the form of leaves. The frame is fitted with a reverse painted tablets. This is an excellent reproduction. The mustard yellow field is the background for florals, cornucopias and the red strings of the harp positioned in a vertical format re-enforcing the musical instrument theme of the form. The lower box also features a half rounded frame. This is fitted with a tablet that is painted to match the throat glass. The same colors are used. The central theme here is a basket of fruit. This door opens from the right and allows on access to the pendulum bob which is covered in brass. One may need access to the bob in order to occasionally regulate the clock. The case is fitted with a bracket. The surfaces have been veneered and exhibit excellent figure. An acorn shaped drop finial is positioned at the bottom of the case. The movement is brass. It is weight driven retaining it's original cast iron weight. This timepiece is designed to run eight days on a full wind. It is good quality.

The overhaul height of this clock is approximately 40 inches. The case is 11.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. This clock was made circa 1830.

About Enoch J. Titcomb of Boston, MA: Cambridge,MA: Providence, RI. Clockmaker and Jeweler.

Enoch Titcomb was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts on August 4th, 1812 and died in Providence, Rhode Island on February 4, 1887. He is listed in the Boston Directories as a Clockmaker in 1835 who was then located at No. 37 Washington Street in Boston. Here he was in business briefly with William E. Evans as Evans & Titcomb. In 1840, he is found living Cambridge and was a member of The Grand Lodge. He moved to Providence in 1850 through 1864. While in Rhode Island, he listed as a jeweler.

We have owned and sold several wall timepieces that were signed on the dial by this maker. Most of these were the Box Lyre form.

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