Seth Thomas 10 Inch Drop Octagon wall clock. A school house clock in a mahogany case.

This “Drop Octagon Ten Inch” was made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company of Thomaston, Connecticut. These clocks a commonly called “School House” clocks because they were often used in school rooms across this country. The Seth Thomas version of this clock is in my opinion, the model by which all others are judged.

This is a special example. The case is mahogany and has been refinished. Mahogany examples do not appear in the marketplace very often. The vast majority of the school clocks seen today are constructed in oak. The fact that this example is mahogany would imply that it was made for a residential setting or perhaps an office.

The spring wound movement is brass construction. It is a time only design and features a front plate that is die-stamped with the Maker’s trademark and the number “41AE.” (Photos taken before servicing.) This movement is spring wound being fitted with a Geneva Stop winding mechanism. This model is designed to run eight-days on a full wind. The pendulum bob is covered in brass. It can be viewed through the opening in the painted design on the lower glass in the front of the case.

The dial bezel is brass and has been recently polished. The dial measures 10 inches in diameter and is painted on tin. It features Roman style numerals. The manufacture’s name can be found on this dial. It reads, “SETH THOMAS.”

The Maker’s set-up label is pasted inside the clock onto the backboard. The condition of which is very good. It lists the place location of manufacture as Thomaston, Conn., U.S.A.

This clock measures approximately measures 21.5 inches long. This is an outstanding example. It was made circa 1910. It is inventory number 219022.


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