Brewster & Ingrahams of Bristol, Connecticut. A gallery timepiece. Wall clock.

This 8-day wall timepiece was manufactured by the Brewster & Ingrahams. firm of Bristol, Connecticut.

The case is constructed in wood. The front surface is mahogany and exhibits good figure. It is presented in an older finish and the color is excellent. The case is nicely formed with a number of molding shapes. This adds interest to the presentation. The front of the case is fitted with a convex piece of clear glass. This glass appears to be original to this clock. Through this, one can visually see the painted wooden dial which is also a convex form. This is in very good original condition. The Maker’s name is now faintly signed on the front of the dial. It reads under good light, “Brewster & Ingrahams. / Bristol, Ct. U.S." The hands are steel and track the time on a Roman numeral formatted time ring. The movement is constructed in brass and is good quality. The gearing is laid out in an "East – West" design. It is powered by a large coil spring which should power the clock for eight days. The pendulum is mounted to and hangs from the case behind the movement. This front plate is die stamped by the Maker just below the center arbor. The Clockmaker's label is pasted inside the case onto the backboard. It is in good original condition. This fine example measures approximately 14 inches across the back, 3 inches deep and the dial is 9 inches in diameter. This example was made circa 1850.


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