Hills, Goodrich & Co., of Plainville, Connecticut. Mantel or shelf clock.

This is a rare mahogany veneered case og clock was made by Hills, Goodrich & Co. of Plainville, Connecticut. This fine example was made circa 1850.

This very attractive example was designed by Joseph Ives in 1842 and later produced by this firm, Hills, Goodrich & Co. This model is listed in the company ledgers as the “Best Finished O. G.” It originally sold for 25% more than the standard og format.

The richly grained mahogany veneered case is a larger size than the standard og which is approximately 26 inches tall. This example measures 31 inches in height. The door is divided into two sections. The lower section features a wonderful original reverse painted tablet depicting the “Philadelphia Merchant Exchange.” Some minor flaking to the top border or sky has been professional restored. The upper section of the door is fitted with clear glass. Inside the case, this clock is fitted with a number of decorative details. A carved crest depicting florals and foliage is is positioned above the dial. Two smoothly turned and tapered columns retain their original gilded ring design. The circular zinc dial is painted in a traditional format. This dial forms a cover over a brass shell or canister. The compact movement is constructed in brass. It is an eight-day movement and is enclosed in this shell. The back plate of the movement is cast iron and this bracket is mounted to the backboard. The movement features roller pinions, gear wheels that are spooked and embossed to increase strength, and a count wheel striking system. The condition of the maker’s original label is good. This is truly a wonderful example of a very difficult clock to find.

The Philadelphia Merchant Exchange was designed by William Strickland and was built between 1832 and 1834. The cornerstone was laid on Washington’s 100th birthday. The building was originally designed as a gathering place to conduct commerce. The building was positioned to face the river and from this building, one could easily monitor the ship traffic

About Hills, Goodrich & Co of Plainville, Connecticut.

William Hills and Jared Goodrich, formally of Hills , Brown & Company formed a partnership with Porteous Ives (brother of Joseph Ives) on July 1, 1841 in Plainville, Connecticut.


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