A French origin Crystal Regulator in a special art nouveau case. 218089

This beautiful Crystal Regulator or Four Glass Clock was made in France circa 1890. The case is framed in brass. The framing is decorated in a manner in which is seldom seen in this form. The case surfaces are gently curved. Also note the applied decorative castings. This example sits up on four brass cut-out bracket feet. There are five separate glass panels that feature beveled edges. Each of these are mounted in brass frames. There are two access doors. The front door opens to allow one access to the dial. The back door allows one access to the pendulum and the French made movement.

The movement is brass and is very good quality. It is spring powered and designed to run eight days on a full wind and to strike each hour on the hour on a coil gong that is mounted inside the case. This clock also strikes once on the half hour. The back plate of the movement features several is die-stamps. They include "SPAULDING & CO., / CHICAGO & PARIS," "MADE IN FRANCE," and the Japy Frees trade mark. The pendulum hangs from the back of the movement.

The dial enamel and is colorfully decorated. The time ring and the stylized Roman hour numbers are presented in blue. In between the hours of this dial are individual pink flowers.

This case measures approximately 12.25 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep.


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