An engraved brass makura-dokei. Japanese Bracket clock. YY-71

This mid 19th century Bracket clock or makura-dokei is mounted in a rosewood case. The case is fitted with large glass panels on all four sides. This allows excellent visual access to the clock works and its framing. Both the front and back panels are designed to slide upwards in order to gain access to the clock. The sides of the case are fitted with brass sound frets. These are backed in silk. The top of the case includes a brass carrying handle.

Turned and shaped vertical positioned pillars are fitted into each of the four outermost corners. The movement is framed with brass plates. Both of which are skillfully engraved with floral patterns. Four shaped and ring turned posts support the brass plates which in turn support the steel arbors and gearing. The movement is designed with a verge and balance wheel escapement which is located at the top of the works. It is spring powered and as is the tradition of the from runs approximately 30-hours on a wind. The time side features a fusee cone and a chain connects this to the spring barrel. The strike train is also spring powered by a going barrel. A traditional Japanese count-wheel is mounted on the outside of the backplate. This clock strikes a bell mounted above the works with a torsioned hammer.

The dial features a rotating chapter ring with adjustable markers for the Temporal hours. These are engraved and treated with a silver finish. Shokudo markers for the ½ positions. This reads against a fixed steel hand. It also displays the date in a small window in the upper left corner of the front plate.

This case measures approximately 7 in (18 cm) height, 7 inches wide and 4 inches deep.



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