Litchfield Mfg., Company. An oversized papier-mâché case decorated with mother of pearl. MM166

This very unusual clock was made by the Litchfield Mfg. Company of Litchfield, Connecticut. This large case, measuring 26.5 inches tall and 21 inches wide, is made from papier-mâché. It retains a very high percentage of it’s original decoration. These include mother of pearl inlays, gilt designs and painted florals as well as a large painted peacock. This decoration is in good original condition. Much of the gilt design trims the edges of the case. The painted details are somewhat subdued. An additional detail worth noting is the molded shelf that the clock case is mounted on. It is similarly decorated. The painted zinc dial measures 8 inches in diameter and is protected by glass. The glass is fitted into a brass bezel that is hinged on the right. This dial is original to this clock and features a time ring that is formatted with Roman numerals. An adjustment for the speed of the movement is located below the numeral “XII.” The movement is constructed in brass and has steel pinions. The front plate is die stamped by the manufacturer. It is an eight day design. It is spring wound and features a single time only train. The escapement is a Botsford design. This clock was made circa 1851. This wonderful example is in excellent original condition.


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