An impressive swinging timepiece of French origin. "Paix & Progres par Burchon." -SOLD-

This is a fine example of an oversized French Swing clock made circa 1890. This form, the swing clock, is also called a “Mystery Clock.” This model features a classical statues titled “Paix & Progres.” The title tag also reads “Par Bruchon.” In addition, the name Bruchon is signed into the casting.

Emile Bruchon was a French artist who worked in the Victorian / Art Nouveau period of 1850 through 1890. He is reported to have been born in 1805 and died in 1895. Numerous statues are known. Most of which are not fitted with clocks. Some of the characteristics of his work seem to include good anatomy of the figures, fine details and fanciful often playful poses.

This example measures approximately 39 inches tall overall and 32 inches tall to the top of the arm. It is considered slightly oversized measuring more than ten inches taller than what would be considered the more common size. The patina on the casting or the original bronze finish, is in very good condition. The mechanism and the swing is support by the left figure’s raised right arm. The upper ball features a dial that has raised numerals. The movement is encased in this top section or ball. It is brass construction. It is an eight day time only design with the pendulum swinging behind it. The back plate is die stamped “PARIS.” Below the upper ball is the pivot point for the swing. Three delicate suspension springs provide the breakpoint. Below this are three rods that connect to the smaller ball. When this clock is running, this entire unit moves or swings like the motion of a pendulum. It is very attractive.

This clock is inventory number RR-16.


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