Brewster & Ingrahams of Bristol, Connecticut. U.S. A 30-hour time & strike mahogany cased steeple clock.

This is a nice clean example of a steeple or “Sharp Gothic” mantel clock. It was made by the Brewster & Ingrahams Clock Company of Bristol, Connecticut.

The case is constructed in mahogany and white pine. The shellac finish has been nicely cleaned, highlighting the quality of the wood. Two wooden finials are turned to a taper. The tips of these cones are in good condition exhibiting minor chips on the tips. The cones are mounted to the top sides of the case on top of rectangular shaped blocks. The front of the clock is fitted with a door that conforms to the gothic shape of the case. The lower section is fitted with a paint decorated tablet that is original to the clock. A star is the central theme. The upper section of this door is fitted with clear glass. Through this one can view the clock dial.

This dial is painted on tin and exhibits some subtle shaping in the form of a ring. Here you will find the time ring. The hours are formatted with Roman style numerals. The Makers’ signature remains in good original condition and is signed in script lettering. It reads, “Brewster & Ingrahams.” It also includes the working location of “Bristol, Ct U.S.” which located just below the signature.

The brass constructed movement is a time & design. Each train is powered by a coil spring. The springs are designed to run the clock for 30-hours on a full wind. The escapement is a recoil. The strike is actuated by a count-wheel striking system which located between the plates. It is designed to strike each hour on a wire gong which is mounted to the backboard inside the case. The front plate of the movement is die-stamped by the manufacturer. The gearing is brass and the pinions are steel. The pendulum bob is covered in brass.

The Clockmaker’s label can be found on the inside the case pasted to the backboard. It is a blue/green colored label that has darkened with age. It is in good original condition. It reads, “ Patent Spring / BRASS CLOCKS, / Springs warranted not to Fail, made and sold by / BREWSTER & INGRAHAMS, / BRISTOL, CONN.”

This clock was made circa 1845 and stands approximately 19.75 inches tall, 9.75 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep.

Inventory No. JJ-143.

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