Seth Thomas Office No. 1. A time & strike wall clock. 220012.

This Seth Thomas wall clock is the Office No. 1. The case is veneered in mahogany and retains and older pleasing surface. The font of the case opens as a door to access the dial and the pendulum. The opens are glazed. The upper section is fitted with clear glass in order to view the dial. The lower section is fitted with a painted tablet that is original to this clock and is in excellent original condition. The dial is original and is painted on zinc. It has been protected with a tin layer of shellac which has slightly yellowed over the years. One moon style hands indicate the time. Behind the dial is a spring powered two train movement. It is wound with a key and features stop work winding on both arbors. The works are constructed in brass. The front plate is die-stamped with the mClockmakers name, “S. THOMAS / THOMASTON, CONN. / U.S.A.” It is also stamped with the number “10.” The striking system is actuated by a count-wheel. It will run eight-day on a full wind striking the hour on a wire gong mounted to the backboard of the case. The maker’s label is in wonderful condition and is also pasted on the backboard. This blue colored label provides instructions for setting up the clock.

This clock was made circa 1875. Its dimensions are 25 inches long, with a 12 inch dial.

This clock is inventory number 22012.


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