A French origin Crystal Regulator in a special case of diminutive scale. This fine example was retailed by Black, Starr & Frost of New York, New York.

The Black, Starr & Frost company is an American jewelry company that was founded in 1810 in New York City by the silversmith Isaac Marquand. This company is the oldest continuously operating jewelry firm in the United States. It has acted as a retailer, rather than manufacturer for most of its history and has gone through a number of owners over the years. It has had a number of notable clients, such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Carnegies.

This beautiful Crystal Regulator or Four Glass Clock was made in France circa 1890. The case is framed in brass. The framing is decorated in a manner in which is seldom seen in this form. The two tone case features a number of surfaces that are treated with a verdigris finish. This treatment is exhibited on most of the horizontally formatted surfaces.

This example is elevated up on four brass feet. These are decoratively turned and shaped. The upper rings are feature a knurled surface. An applied decorative casting is mounted on the first horizontal plane. This is brightly finished and contrasts nicely against the verdigris background. There are four separate glass panels that feature beveled edges. Each of these are mounted in brass frames. There are two access doors. The front door opens to allow one access to the dial. The back door allows one access to the pendulum and the French made movement. All of the polished brass surfaces have been protected with a light lacquer finish.

The movement is brass and is very good quality. It is spring powered and designed to run eight days on a full wind and to strike each hour on the hour on a bell that is mounted at the back of the movement. This clock also strikes once on each half hour. The back plate of the movement features several is die-stamps. They include the “AD MOUGIN / DEUX MEDAILLES” and the “BLACK STARR & FROST / NEW YORK” stamps.

The enamel dial is nicely formatted with a closed time ring. Large Roman style hour numerals mark each hour and smaller Arabic style numerals are used as quarter hour markers. The enamel ring is framed around the perimeter with a cast brass French sash. The interior field of the dial is decorated with brass decorative surface. Fancy steel formed hands indicate the time.

This clock measures approximately 9.25 inches tall, 6.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. It is inventory number 219045.


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