A single foliot dai-tokei. A Japanese clock. YY-73

The movement is framed with brass plates at the top and the bottom. Square brass pillars are vertically positioned and fitted into each of the four corners. Additional posts are centered to support the steel arbors and gearing. The escapement is designed with a folit that s mounted above the case. Adjustable weights aide in timing and are placed along the foliot arms. The center shaft engages a verge and balance wheel escapement which is positioned vertically inside the case. It is weight powered and as is the tradition of the from runs approximately 30-hours on a wind and features a count-wheel strike release. This clock strikes a bell mounted above the works with a hammer. The bell is mounted on a shaft and secured with a scroll nut.

The dial is formatted in two base colors. The two outer bands are a dark brown and decorated with gilt characters. The center section is red and decorated with engravings. The hand is fixed and the dials rotate beneath it. The four dust covers are decorated. The two on the sides are hinged and provide access.

The clock is mounted on a hardwood stand of a traditional form. It is enhanced with gilt scrolls, birds and flowers. The shape is very interesting.
Overall this fine example measures approximately 34.75 inches tall.

This clock is inventory number YY-73.


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