A rare Window Shade Alarm Pillar & Scroll clock made by E. Terry & Sons of Plymouth, CT. ZZ68

In 1823, Eli Terry established a partnership with his two sons Eli Jr., and Henry. This venture lasted until 1831. Together they were large producers of 30 hour wooden works shelf clocks which included the Pillar & Scroll model pictured here and stenciled cased clocks. They also produced a small number of eight-day wooden movement shelf clocks.

This is an excellent example of a Pillar & Scroll clock made by Eli Terry & Sons of Plymouth, Connecticut circa 1825. This is a difficult model to find in that it features an alarm. This alarm format is called the Window Shade version.

This case is mahogany retains its original finish. The coloring is excellent. The case stands on delicately formed feet. The swan’s neck scroll work is original to this clock and in excellent condition. Three urn shaped brass finials decorate the top of the case and are mounted on plinths. The door is divided into two sections. A reverse painted tablet is located in the lower half. This colorfully painted tablet is original to this clock. A gilt border frames the panel. Geometric fans decorate each corner of the panel. A floral ring surrounds the oval opening in the decoration. Through this one can view the brass faced pendulum bob. The dial is wood. It features gilt designs in the spandrel areas. Large Arabic style numerals mark the hours on the time ring. Nicely shaped steel hands are used to indicate the time. A brass disk is mounted on the center arbor. This is used to set the alarm. The alarm mechanism is mounted in the bottom of the case. It is powered by a coil spring and is wound manually with ones fingers. The process is similar to that of a window shade of the period. The power of the alarm is released by a steel arm that connects to the hour pipe. The alarm is struck on a separate cast iron bell mounted inside the case. This alarm set up is seldom seen and as a result is an interesting variation. Behind the dial is the wooden works 30-hour weight driven movement. This is a model 5 design. It features solid plates, a five arbor train and is weight driven. The weights are suspended from pulleys in the top of the case. This clock will strike each hour on a bell mounted inside the case. The strike train is actuated by a count wheel fitted on the front plate.

The Maker’s label is pasted onto the inside of the backboard and in good overall condition.

This clock measures approximately 31 inches tall to the top of the center finial, 17.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep.


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