Isaac T. Pease, Enfield, Connecticut. A Miniature Pillar & Scroll Shelf Clock 1835. ZZ62

This miniature Pillar & Scroll shelf clock was made by Isaac T. Pease of Enfield, Connecticut. The miniature Pillar & Scroll is a difficult model to find due to the seemly small numbers of clocks produced. This is based on the very limited opportunity to purchase such an example. To our knowledge, this is the only example known with a Pease label.

This miniature formatted case measures approximately 26 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 4.75 inches deep. If one compares these dimensions to the more standard or commonly found size of 31.5 inches tall and 17.5 inches wide, you would see that it is quite a bit smaller in scale.

This case is constructed in mahogany and mahogany veneers are applied over white pine secondary wood. The paper dial is applied to a wooden blank. This is colorfully decorated. The wooden geared movement is weight driven and designed to run 30-hours on a full wind. It is a time only design and is weight driven. The weight is suspended from the top of the case by a directional pulley.

Pasted onto the backboard inside the case is a Maker’s label. This is in very nice condition. The printer is not known.

This rare clock was made circa 1835.


About Isaac T Pease of Enfield and Thompsonville, Connecticut. A casemaker, industrialist and inventor.

Isaac T. Pease was born in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts on April 11, 1809. His parents were Isaac Pease and Elizabeth (Terry) Pease the daughter of Col. Asaph Terry of Enfield. Isaac T. was the fourth of eight children. Isaac’s father was a clothier who had a shop in Longmeadow. In the 1830s, Isaac Pease began manufacturing clock cases in his wood shop, purchasing the mechanical movements from firms like Terry and Hoadley, installing them in his cases. This shop must have been located in Enfield, Connecticut for a period of time. At least for the years of 1833-1837. He later relocated to Thompsonville, Connecticut, where he owned a successful woolmill. In the 1850’s, Isaac becomes involved with spiritualism and spiritual manifestations. He constructs what he calls a “Spiritual Telegraph Dial” the world’s first “dial plate” planchette. On February 23, 1869 he receives patent (Patent Number 87194) for a Fire Alarm. Isaac died in 1889. He is described in the genealogy as an ingenious mechanic.


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