William L Gilbert, No. 411. Porcelain Mantel Clock. TT128

This porcelain case clock was made by the William L Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Connecticut. This is a very colorful example which is in good original condition. The porcelain case does not appear to be signed. It is in very good condition. The case is not chipped. The brilliant coloring is decorated in multiple shades of purple, blues, yellows, greens and reds. The dial is paper and applied to a tin pan. It is listed as an Ivory dial in the 1898 catalogs, and measures five inches across. Originally, this model would have cost $12.50. The time ring is decorated with Arabic numerals. The dial is held in place by a cast American sash. The detailing is quite good. The eight day movement features steel plates that are die stamped by the manufacturer. The Patent date of November 1st, 1881 is also listed here. The gearing is brass. This clock strikes the hour as well as the half hour on a gong using a rack and snail striking system. This clock stands 11 inches tall and measures 12 inches wide. This is a very colorful example and is in excellent condition.


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