William "S" Gilbert & Co. of Winchester, Connecticut. Gallery wall clock.  -SOLD-

This appears to be an early example of a gallery timepiece made by the William “S”. Gilbert & Co. of Winchester, Connecticut. The “S” printed on the label in Gilbert's name must have been a printing error. ( Imagine, if this mistake was as collectable to clock collectors as it is to the American currency market.)

This is very nice gilt gallery clock was made by the William “S” Gilbert & Co. of Winchester, Connecticut. This clock is a smaller size. The back of the case measures 14.75 inches in diameter and is 4.5 inches deep. This example retains some it's original gilding. The majority of the original gilding remains on the forward facing or bezel. The sides of the case has been repainted in gold paint. Note the circular design gets wider as it steps back to the wall. The whole case is actually a door to access the clock and is hinged on the right side. The bezel opening is fitted with glass. The dial is original to the clock and is painted on tin. It is in excellent condition and measures 9 inches in diameter and features a Roman Numeral time ring. The spring driven 8-day time only movement features large brass plates . It is good quality. The pendulum is mounted from the backboard at the top of the case. Pasted on to the backboard in the interior of the clock is the Clockmaker's label. It is in very good condition and reads, “GALLERY & CHURCH TIME-PIECES, MADE AND SOLD BY WILLIAM S. GILBERT & CO., WINCHESTER, CONN.” It also lists directions for setting up this clock. This is an early example and I believe was made circa 1855.


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