Timemaster. Chelsea Clock Company. Boston, MA. With sweep seconds hand. 220036

This Marine clock features a heavy bronze case that features a polished nickle (chromium plate) finish. The case measures approximately 10 inches in diameter across the back and is 3 inches deep. The serial number on the back of the case is "769165." The bezel is the hinged on the right. It opens via a push button latch from the left allowing one to access the dial. The engraved dial is treated with a nickel finish and measures approximately 8.5 inches in diameter across the time ring. The time ring is formatted with small Arabic five minute markers, a closed minute ring, large Arabic hour numerals, dotted seconds ring and small Arabic quarter hour markers. The Maker’s name and location of manufacture is located on the dial below the hour numeral 12. This reads, "CHELSEA CLOCK CO. / BOSTON." This is clearly marked in capital letters. Three hands are mounted from the center arbor. The seconds hand is a sweep format so it will complete one revolution around the dial each minute. Fine time regulation is adjusted from the vertical wheel on the dial.

The movement is very good quality. It is the model 16E and was made in 1971. It spring wound and designed to run 8-days on a full wind. The escapement is a balance wheel which jeweled. A balance wheel will allow the clock to continue to run while being moved. The plates are circular. The back plate is die stamped by the manufacturer, "CHELSEA CLOCK CO. / BOSTON U. S. A / 763447." It is also stamped with the movement model "12E-1971."

Marine clocks were built for ships, steamers, yachts, locomotives, engine rooms or other places where pendulum clocks cannot be used on account of vibration. Today, these clocks are often displayed in offices, kitchens and bathrooms. This silver example would be a great accessory for someones Airstream camper. It would be a fantastic conversation piece.


About Chelsea Clock Company of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Chelsea Clock Company Board of Directors met for the first time on July 28, 1897. The Board consisted of Whipple N. Potter, Jr., President, Charles H. Pearson, Treasurer, Reginald Foster, Clerk and Secretary. Allen L. Shepherd served on the Board with the elected officers. This first group of individuals was not together long. The Chelsea firm persevered and has enjoyed a long run of success as a result of making clocks of superior manufacture. This company made many clocks. Some of which were in the style of the Willard timepiece or banjo clock, the E. Howard Model No., 70 and more famously, marine clocks. This company remains in business today.


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