F. J. Dent London. A very unusual Clock and Barometer combination. 220041

This is a very impressive wall clock and barometer combination. The case is veneered in figured mahogany. The grain patterns are vibrant and the finish is old an consistent. The design features a figure eight shaped form, canted waist corners, extensive cross-banding throughout and access doors to the side of the clock movement and also at the rear of the case. The clock dial is located at the top. It is behind a convex piece of clear gall that is fitted into a cast brass bezel. The bezel is also hinged so that one can access the dial. The painted iron dial is also a convex form and measures approximately 16 inches in diameter. The time ring is formatted with a closed minute ring and large Roman style hour numerals. It is signed in the middle section, “E. J. DENT / LONDON.” The large steel spade hands are easy to read from across the room.

In the middle section of the case is a thermometer. This is protected by glass that is fitted in a rounded frame. The faceplate is brass and has been treated with a silver wash. It is formatted with a scale that is engraved with the following benchmarks, “Fever -Heat, Blood – Heat, / Sumr – Heat, / Tempe – rate/ and Freez – ing.” These are all important markers on the thermometer scale. Their numerical values are also included here and range from 5 degrees to a high of 126 degrees. Additional decorative engravings frame the thermometer.

The lower section features a barometer dial that measures approximately 14 inches in diameter. This dial is also brass and has been finished in a silver wash. This dial is calibrated from 28” to 31”, engraved with typical weather indications. The center is decorated with a fancy compass star. Two hands are center here. The longer of the two is the pointer for the barometer. This provides actual time positions of the instruments reads. The smaller brass hand is fixed. It is manually adjusted by the operator / observer. This is done by turning the wooden knob below the thermometer. It is an aide. Set his hand at the current reading and when you return, you will know if the hand behind it has moved which will reflect a change in the weather. Both hands are nicely formed. All of this is protected behind a convex piece of glass that is fitted into a cast brass bezel. The barometer is operated by a glass J-tube that is mounted inside the case.

The clock is powered by a single spring powered fusee movement. It is heavily constructed in brass and is good quality. It is designed to run 8-days on a full wind.

It is very unusual to find a clock and a barometer combination that is constructed on this large scale. The case is approximately 55 inches long, 21 inches wide and 5 inches deep. This is the second example that we have owned in 50 plus years of being in business. We have seen one other example displayed in Europe. Clocks of this scale are impressive and may have been specifically ordered for a public place.



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