A dwarf clock signed on the dial by Elmer Stennes of Weymouth, MA. Featuring an inlaid mahogany case, automated rocking ship dial and a weight driven movement. 220031.

It is well known that Elmer Stennes made a number of clock case forms. It may not be as well known that he also sold a fair quantity of clock components to other cabinetmakers and hobbyist. A large supply of his inventory was also sold his passing at auction. This proved to be a great opportunity to buy ready made parts for ones own personal project. We believe that this is an example of such a clock. We believe that the case may have been made in Vermont and Stennes components were used in the construction.

There are several versions of the dwarf clock case that are commonly reproduced. This example is the most formal and the most complex of those that Stennes manufactured and his competitors copied. This version is essentially a scaled down version of the “Roxbury” case form made popular by the Willard family in the 1790’s.

This case is constructed in mahogany and is decorated with inlays. This is a very handsome example. The case stands on four applied ogee bracket feet. They exhibit excellent height and good form. The base is line inlaid with a cross-banded banding. Inlaid quarter fans are positioned in each of the four corners of this frame. A seashell is inlaid in the center. The long rectangular shaped waist door is trimmed with a simple molded edge. Through this door one can gain access to the pendulum bob and the drive weight. The door is also decorated with inlay. The framing mimics the formatting exhibited in the base section. The center of the door is inlaid with an eagle. Fluted quarter columns flank the waist. These terminate in brass quarter capitals. The bonnet columns are also fluted and are fitted into fully turned brass capitals. These visually support the molded arch. Above this is a pierced and open fretwork design. It is a traditional New England pattern incorporating three brass finials that are mounted on fluted plinths. The arched bonnet door is fitted with glass. It opens to access the dial.

This dial is colorfully painted in the Boston style. The four spandrel areas decorated with red medallions and gilt patterns. The time ring is formatted with Arabic five minute markers, a dotted minute ring and Roman style hour numerals. A lovely cape cod coastal scene is painted in the lunnette. The scene incorporates an automated ship that moves with the side to side motion of the pendulum. This automated display is a very desirable feature. The ship is depicted at sail and heading around the point. On the point is a lighthouse.

This clock is fitted with a weight driven movement. The large movement is made of brass and is excellent quality. It is a time only design and features a recoil escapement. The brass pendulum bob is supported by steel rod.

This clock stands approximately 61 inches tall and is 13.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep. Please note the polar can used for scale in the photo.



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