E. Howard & Co., of Boston, MA. Two sided station clock.

This is very unusual two sided clock. It was originally designed to hang from the ceiling although it could be easily be turned so that one could mount it sideways on a wall or even upright on a partition. The case measures 29 inches from the mounting bracket to the bottom of the circular case. The mounting bracket is 21 inches wide and the case in 8.5 inches deep. The wood is oak and retains its original dark finish. The two dials are painted on zinc and are in excellent original condition. Both dials measure 12 inches in diameter. The electric powered movement is signed by the Maker. It is well made and originally designed to be a slave. It was designed to get an electrical impulse each minute from a master clock. These were often located somewhere else in the building. As a result of the advancements in electrical technology, we were able to wire a computer board that performs the same function that a master clock was designed to do. This computer board actually fits inside the case. A power cord has been fitted and one simply plugs this clock into an electrical outlet for it to operate. As a result, one can now position this clock in any suitable space and not have worry about winding it once a week. Currently, we have a couple of these hanging in our shop. They are mounted to the underside of large wooden beams. They attract a lot of attention. This clock was made circa 1910.

Inventory number 29105.


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