An unsigned Timepiece of Coastal New Hampshire or Newburyport, Massachusetts origin.  -SOLD-

This is a fine Federal Massachusetts timepiece or “Banjo clock” was made circa 1825.

The weight driven movement is mounted to the back of the case with with a single screw. This movement is constructed in brass and is designed to run for eight days on a full wind. It features brass plates that are of an unusual shape and somewhat skeletonized. One would speculate that his technique was used to conserve brass. The pendulum hangs from a post that is mounted through the movement plates. The rod is steel and it supports a brass covered bob. The case wood is mahogany and features flat mahogany frames that have blocked corners. The wood retains and older finish. The bezel and side arms are brass. The cast bezel is fitted with a flat piece of clear glass. The frames appear to be made in mahogany and they exhibit some graining. Both frames are fitted with reverse painted tablets. The tablets are hand painted in good color and depict traditional themes. Both tablets are original to the clock and are in excellent condition. The brass bezel opens to a painted iron dial featuring Roman numerals. The hands are steel and are simply designed. They are hand filed. This clock measures approximately 33.5 inches long overall.


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