Howard & Davis of Boston, Massachusetts. No. 4. -SOLD-

This attractive wall clock is often referred to as a banjo clock. It was made by the Howard & Davis Company of Boston, Massachusetts and is cataloged as the Model Number 4. This is an excellent example.

Howard & Davis made this form in five different sizes. The smallest measures approximately 29 inches tall. The largest size, the No. 1, measures approximately 50 inches long. This No. 4 has the following dimensions: 32 inches long, 13.5 inches wide at the lower box and the dial measures 8 inches in diameter. This is the second to the smallest size made by this firm. It is an excellent example. The case is constructed in cherry and is grained painted. This process simulates the grain found in rosewood. The graining exhibited on this example is boldly executed and is in excellent original condition. The tablets are reverse painted in the traditional colors, black and gold. They have been professionally restored. The movement has a recoil escapement and is a very accurate time keeper. It is powered by a cast iron weight. This weight is original to this clock. The pendulum bob is covered in brass. It is not decorated. It is supported by a wooden rod. The dial is original to the clock. It is a paper dial that is glued to a zinc pan. It is nicely signed on the front in block lettering. This clock was made circa 1840.


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