Ingraham & Company of Bristol, Connecticut. A Grecian Mosaic. 8-day time, strike and alarm. 220081

The Ingrahams and their many firms where in business from 1828 to 1978 some 150 years. This model has become increasingly collectible with in the last twenty years. This is due to the compact size of the case, the interesting form, and the colorful formatting of the woods used in it’s construction.

This unusual model is called the Grecian Mosaic and is constructed in mixed woods case comprising of maple and walnut. This example retains an older finish that has mellowed over its history. The color is excellent. The paper dial is original to the clock and is pasted on a tin or zinc pan that is trimmed with a brass ring. This dial has experienced some loss and has been professionally and successfully restored. The spring driven movement is brass construction and designed to run 8-days on a full wind and to strike each hour on a cast iron bell that is mounted inside the case to the backboard. An alarm mechanism is also fitted inside the case. It is powered by its own coil spring and is set independently of the main movement. This would have been fitted to this clock at the time of manufacture at an additional charge.

The Manufacture’s green paper label is in very good original condition and is pasted on the inside of the backboard. The label for the case patent is pasted to the back of the door. Elias Ingraham was a case maker and designed this case style. He was granted a patent on May 30, 1871.

This very collectible clock was made circa 1875. It stands approximately 15 inches tall, 10.25 inches wide and just under 4.5 inches deep.


About International Time Recording Company of Endicott, New York.

The International Time Recording Company’s business office was located at 50 Broad Street in Endicott, New York between the years 1901-1924. During this time period, this firm continuously expanded its product line, underwent several reorganizations and name changes, and emerged in 1924 as the International Business Machine Corporation, familiar today as IBM. Some of the companies it acquired include the Chicago Time Register Company, Day Time Register Company, The Syracuse Time Recording Company, Bundy, Willard & Frick and Standard.


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