An inlaid mahogany case wheel barometer signed by the firm of C. Prada & C0., of Worcester, England. 220094

This is a decorative wheel or banjo barometer that is signed by the firm of C. Prada & C0., of Worcester, UK. Worcester is a city located in the central region of England, the Midlands. It is likely that Worcester, Massachusetts was name after this English city.

This is a working instrument. The case is veneered in mahogany and is trimmed with a line inlaid border around the case’s perimeter. The pattern used here is complex and made from multiple piece of wood alternating in color. This case is a fairly typical in its form. This example can be consider the standard size measuring 38.5 inches in length. At the bottom is an inlaid flower. The woods used in its construction are also a variety of colors. This inlay pattern is also repeated in the upper section of the case. The wheel is the predominant feature. The engraved dial is silvered and placed behind a brass bezel that is fitted with glass. An indicating hand will forecast coming events on this dial. This hand is driven by the pulley in the back of the case that rotates off the changes in the level of mercury. This is done with a float in the tube and a counter balance. The brass plate is engraved and treated with a silver wash. It is on this eight inch diameter dial that the instrument is signed. In the center of the protective glass is the setting knob for the manual adjusted marking hand. This hand is set when you visually inspect the dial. That way when you return, you will know if the instrument has changed. It is simple but very effective procedure. Above this is the thermometer box. The scale is in Fahrenheit. The faceplate on the left is fitted with a mercury thermometer. “Fever/ Heat, Blood / Heat, Sumr / Heat, Tempe / rate, and Freez / ing” are markers on the thermometer along with their numerical values. Surmounting this case is the decorative pediment. Here broken arched top molding centers a single brass finial.

This barometer was made circa 1850.



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