Ansonia's Gloria Ball Swing Clock. An American made Mystery Clock. 220089

This is a fine example of an American Swing clock made by the Ansonia Clock Company, U. S. A. This form, the swing clock, was first introduced by the Ansonia Company in the 1880s. This model is cataloged as the “Gloria Ball Swing.” This model appeared in the Ansonia catalogs in 1901. In addition to this model, the Ansonia Clock Company offered a number of other statues figures.

This example measures approximately 28.5 inches tall overall and 23 inches tall to the top of the arm. It is considered one of the standard sizes. The patina on the figure has been recently restored to its original Syrian Bronze finish. This is applied over a white metal base. The balls have also been refinished in a Verde Bronze finish and the other metals have been polished. The overall presentation is excellent.

This statue figure of Gloria is actually Pheme in Roman Mythology. She is called the Rumor goddess and was the messenger of Zeus by Homer. Here she is depicted holding a harp in her left hand. A pair of wings are attached to her back. These are nicely detailed having a three dimensional shape and engraved feathers. Her dress is loosely fitted and is depicted as being pushed back by the wind. The figure is standing on a pillow of clouds above a globe.

The mechanism and the swing arm is support by the figures raised right arm. The upper ball features applied cast decorations and a dial is made up from applied or raised brass hour numerals. The movement is encased in this top ball section. It is brass construction, spring powered and measures almost 4 inches in diameter. It is an eight day time only design with the pendulum swinging behind it. Below this upper ball is the pivot point for the swing. Three individual and delicate suspension springs provide the breakpoint. Below this are three rods that eventually connect to a smaller ball. When this clock is running, this entire unit moves or swings like the motion of a pendulum. This always attracts a lot of attention here in the shop when they are running.

This clock was made circa 1901 and originally sold for approximately $43.00.



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