Waterbury Clock Co., of Waterbury, Connecticut. Para Rose wall clock. JJ10

This is a clock that we do not see very often. It was made by the Waterbury Clock Company of Waterbury, Connecticut. This model is called the Para Rose. The decorative case was originally designed by Elias Ingraham who patented the design in the 1880’s. This is the Waterbury version.

This clock is approximately 22 inches long, 13.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. It was made circa 1895 and is part of the Para Series that Waterbury marketed. It is one of at least 4 Para models. The bezel door is hinged and opens to allow one access to the dial. The dial measures 10 inches in diameter and is painted onto a tin pan. It is original to the clock. Here the Company’s trademark is displayed. The center is left open so one can see the brass front plate of the movement. The lower door also opens to allow one access to the brass decorated pendulum. The tablet or glass is decorated with a green painted and gilt pattern. The center of this tablet is left open so that one can view the motion of the pendulum. The eight-day time and strike movement is brass construction. It is spring driven. The front plate is die-stamped by the manufacturer. This clock strikes each hour and half hour on a bell mounted inside the case. The Clockmaker’s setup label is pasted onto the backboard. It is in good condition. The Clockmaker’s model label is pasted onto the backboard and is in fair condition. This attractive clock is approximately 22 inches long.



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