The Ansonia Clock Company Brooklyn, New York. The 8-Inch Kobe in a mosaic case. Time & Strike. 221008

This interesting wall clock was made by the Ansonia Clock Company of Brooklyn, New York and is cataloged as the 8-Inch Kobe. It appears in the Ansonia Clock Catalog as being made in 1901. This version features a mosaic case. This means that the case is constructed in mixed woods comprising of maple and walnut. The woods contrast in color and are laid out in a pattern that exhibits the colors in an alternating patter. This example retains an older finish that has mellowed over its life time. The color is excellent. The brass bezel is fitted with glass and opens to access the paper dial which measure 8 inches in diameter. The paper dial is applied to a tin pan. It bears the Clockmakers trademark below the center arbor. The eight-day brass time and strike movement is die-stamped on the front plate by the Maker. It is spring powered. The strike train strike each hour on the hour and once at each half hour. The decorative pendulum bob is covered in brass and can be viewed through the glass door in the lower section of the front of the case. The Maker’s label is pasted to the backboard inside the case.

This example is in excellent condition. This case is only 18.5 inches long. This clock originally sold for $7.50.


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