Small English dial clock. Telegraph Works. Silvertown, London. 7 inch diameter dial. 221005

This is a very attractive “Dial clock” or “Pub Clock.” These clocks are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. The form was made for over 160 years. The latter production were used extensively in public buildings that included railroad stations, offices and pubs. This clock has its history recorded on the dial. It was used in the offices of the Telegraph Works in Silvertown district of London. Silvertown is a district in London that is part of the Port of London on the east side of the city. It is on the north bank of the Thames River.

The case is constructed in mahogany and and retains an older finish. The box is dovetailed together. The dovetails at the top are visible. The cast brass bezel is fitted with glass and opens to access the flat painted iron dial. This dial measures approximately 7.25 inches in diameter across the time ring. This is unusually small. The standard for this clock is closer to 12 inches in diameter. This diminutive size does not come to market often. The hours are displayed in a bold Roman figures. The minute divisions are between the two circles and the triangles are used as the five minute markers. The blued steel hands feature a large spade tip on the hour hand and a narrow minute hand. The movement is excellent quality. It is heavily constructed in brass. The plates are rectangular shaped and are supported by four straight brass pillars that are pinned on the front plate side. It is a spring driven fusee design and retains its original chain drive. This movement is designed to run eight-days on a full wind. The pendulum hangs from the back of the movement and the bob is brass faced.

The clock case measures only 10.5 inches in diameter. An access door is located on the right side of the case. A second access door is located at the bottom of the case and locks closed with a key.



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