Eli Terry tall clock. 30-hour pull up wooden geared movement. 221002

The case is constructed in pine and retains an old mahoganized surface that maybe original to this clock. This surface is consistent throughout the case construction and shows some areas of light crazing. The case is supported by a boldly formatted double stepped applied molding that rests flat to the floor. The waist is long and narrow. The length of the waist adds to the overall excellent proportions of this case. A large rectangular shaped waist door is centered here. One will need to open this door to access the interior of the case and wind the clock. The bonnet features swan neck shaped arches. Two turned wooden finials are mounted on the outboard corners. The bonnet door is an arched form and is fitted with glass.

The arched wooden dial blank is over pasted with a paper dial that must have been locally sourced. This dial is fitted with two wooden battens or strips that mount it to the movement. At the top, three wooden dial feet are pinned into the upper batten. The lower batten is slotted to fit into the shape of the saddleboard. This paper dial is in very good original condition. It is nicely decorated with floral patterns. The time ring features Arabic five minute markers, a dotted minute ring and large Roman style hour numerals. This dial is signed inside the time ring. The signature reads, “E. TERRY” in block lettering. This clock is also fitted with a subsidiary seconds registrar below the hour XII. Pewter hands indicate the time.

The wooden geared movement is the construction one expects from this clockmaker and is categorized as a typical Terry Style 1. The backplate is dovetailed into the saddleboard. The winding of this example is done by pulling a cord which is located inside the case. The winding barrels are not divided. The movement is a time and strike design and of good quality. It is designed to run 30-hours on a full wind. It features a count wheel striking system that will strike each hour on a cast iron bell. The count wheel is located on the outside of the movement on the back plate.

This very collectible clock was made between 1800 and 1805. The overall height of this example is 84.5 inches (7 feet .5 inches) tall. Inventory number 221002.

This fine example is in very good condition. Locating a Terry made example in today’s marketplace is a real treat. This clock is pictured and discussed in AMERICAN WOODEN MOVEMENT TALL CLOCKS 1712-1835 written by Philip E. Morris Jr.


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